Predict energy,
Maximize impact,
Minimize footprint!

Elevate team, equipment, and energy efficiency with AI-powered energy and asset management.
Be worky with WorkyBe!
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AI-Powered Renewable Energy Management Platform

  • Predict solar energy generation
  • Evaluate energy generation performance
  • Plan energy supply
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AI-Powered Predictive Maintenance and IoT Monitoring Platform

  • Predict malfunctions
  • Receive autonomous alerts and work orders
  • Control assets remotely
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Maintenance and After Sales Service Management Platform

  • Manage work orders
  • Plan maintenance operations
  • Organize sub-contractors
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AI-Powered Energy and Emission Management Platform

  • Predict energy consumption
  • Evaluate energy consumption performance
  • Monitor carbon emissions
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AI-Powered Sustainability Platform

Unlock a greener future with the power of AI

Energy Generation Prediction

Predict energy generation supply, maximize the renewable energy field performance.
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Energy Consumption Prediction

Predict energy consumption anomalies in facilities, minimize energy consumption.
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Predictive Maintenance

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Digital Twin

Autonomous Alarm System

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Personnel, Team, and Department Management

Digitalize work orders, maximize operational efficiency in field and facility management.
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Work Order Management

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Periodic Maintenance Management

Automate maintenance processes, achieve operational excellence in business processes.
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Warehouse Management

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WORKYBE’s Impact on the Ecosystem

Be aware of your energy consumption and carbon emissions, reduce energy waste, and increase renewable energy generation efficiency.
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5,000,000 +

Work Order per Year
Like thousands of our users, digitalize your asset and field operations with WorkyBe and create a corporate memory for your company’s future.

13 Sectors

Thanks to the flexible structure of WorkyBe, specialize your own screens and adapt to your own processes.
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+70 Corporate Companies

+8,000 Contractors
Be part of our expanding network of corporate companies and subcontractors spanning worldwide.
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Saving Equivalent to Energy Consumed by 480,000 Houses in 1 Month

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147,000 Tons of Carbon Footprint Savings

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